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  • jogeraci By  jogeraci    

    Perfect On-the-Go Snack for the Whole Family

    I LOVE having these little packs of Planters Nut-Rition Chocolate Nut Energy Mix Packs in my office--perfect afternoon pick-me-up, Great afternoon snack for the kids AND I even sneak some in my husband's car so when he 's traveling from client to client he too can experience a little pick-me-up.

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  • ladyfly521 By  ladyfly521    

    These are really good. They are good for an on the go snack.

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    Nut-trition packs are perfect little energy snack for on the go. Throw them in your bag for work or fun. Healthy eating and no guilt.

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  • pickles51 By  pickles51    

    My son and i love these i carry a pack in my purse at all times.we love all kinds of nuts.their a great hold you over til your next meal.

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  • lucielu By  lucielu    

    healthy & yummy / best of both worlds!

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  • sandraatlanta By  sandraatlanta    

    Love these for grab and go snacks. However they are super expensive! I mean I know nuts are expensive - but this has like 5 small packets in it and they are gone in 2 days, so they are very expensive to buy this way. Great snack between school and after school activities.

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  • kortekl By  kortekl    

    Planters Nut-Rition Chocolate Nut Energy Mix Packs are absolutely delicious. These packs make being healthy easy. I love the sweet and salty mix of flavors and in my opinion these packs are much better than any energy bar or even mixed-nut protein bar. The serving size is decent, the only drawbacks I see of this product is the price is expensive and the number of packs in a box is less than expected.

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