Kraft Fresh Take Southwest Three Cheese

Kraft Fresh Take Southwest Three Cheese

              Rated #49 in Sauces Spices & Flavoring
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Baked it on some porkchops and it tasted so good..

I love using Kraft Fresh-Take. I have used all 3 Flavors. I have used it on baked chicken breast, in hamburgers and have made my own chicken nuggets using the Kraft FreshTake. Give it a try on anything and you will use it alot

I'll be honest, I didn't think I would like this, I thought the cheese would burn, but it doesn't. It's a great way to bake meat, which is healthier than frying. It's very good, I highly recommend it!

It is so easy to make quick and delicious meals and it is so versatile, I can use pork chops or boneless skinless chick breasts. I have even used this to make the most amazing turkey burgers. I really like that there is very little mess compared to the usual way I bread and fry my pork chops & chicken. I like that I don't have to set up the standard breading station & dirty alot of dishes. It's also a healthier option being I don't fry in oil, instead it's as easy a shake & BAKE!

So easy to use. Just had a sample and was happy how fast and with no mess my husbands chicken was coated and baked. Im glad ppl are encouraged to bake there meat which saves calories and I believe the taste is great. You could coat anything with this I would think.I should try with vegis.I did have a different flavor thought.

I was actually quite disappointed in this flavor! I love using the Kraft Fresh Take products, but this flavor was just not as good as the others. I was expecting to be able to taste the flavors of the seasonings and the cheese, but it seemed like the spice completely dominated the flavor. Both my son and husband love spicy foods, and even they thought it was too much! As far as ease of use and was very easy to use and to clean up! Much simpler and cleaner than mixing your own breadcrumbs, spices and cheese to coat the food. great product, but not a good flavor.

What a quick and easy way to make a chicken dish for cinco de mayo! Just mix shake and bake. It is plenty spicy so you can keep the hot sauce in the fridge for this one, especially if you have kids. Slice and add avocados to a salad. I really like a fresh fruit salsa as a compliment