Kotex U by Kotex Tampons

Kotex U by Kotex Tampons

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love this tampon! These tampons are wonderful! I love wearing tampons every day. So easy to insert and remove. I like to change every few hours.

great product. love how discreet they are. good coverage. fair price. comfortable.

Highly Recommend ! Loving these!! I have always used U By Kotex brand tampons due to the effectiveness and comfortability. its an added bonus they come so compact and discreet!

Excellent coverage! 💕 🦋 Kotex has been my go to brand since I was 12 when I started my cycle! To be honest I was happy with the regular Kotex until I tried the U. I get the perfect fit instantly, meaning I can't feel a thing, and they mo with me, as I'm active that's a plus! I never have odor or leakage. Excellent coverage with these tampons. The U panty liners are awesome too!!

Love these I love these tampons their the only ones i get now used to use tampax but like these better

Love this product, just feel the tampon is a bit to long.

These tampons SUCK, they?re unusable This is the shitiest tampon I e ever had the displeasure of using. It's horribly designed. The plunger BARELY pushes in the applicator because it's already too far inside the applicator, making the tampon itself BARELY poke out meaning it WONT STAY INSIDE. I just wasted 4 before I finally had to remove the tampon from the applicator by hand and use my own fingers to place it. I'm so livid right now. These are the most horrifically designed tampons ever, spend your money elsewhere.

compact tampons love that this product is most secreet, and also fits in smaller purses.

My go to These are the only tampons that I can use. I have tried other brands and they make me feel sick so I stick to using these.

Click Tampons I like Kotex Click because they are basically foolproof. The smaller size makes it easy to fit these into my pocket or a small bag.

Favorite tampons. I have been using these tampons for many years. I have tried many tampons before and I find them uncomfortable or I end up leaking through them, & I am not one to have a heavy period. I can go a few hours before needing to change them and never find them uncomfortable. They also are very small and compact and fit in small wallets or purses and even pockets. Definitely my favorite tampons.

I like these tampons however I find that they are not as good as playtex. Or some other menstrual products. It does leak but if you are careful with changing it out you should have no problem. I prefer other products because this product does not agree with my volleyball movements lol

Comfortable and fits correctly! I just tried these a few months ago. I have always used the paper tampons. The plastic just feels better and seems to stay in place. They hold more than I had anticipated and they are comfortable the whole time!

My favorite brand of tampons to use! I recently tried to switch to another tampon that was slightly cheaper, and ended up going back to the Kotex U clicks.

Love this product! I have used U by Kotex for multiple years now and I will never go back to another product. I have never had any issues and have always had a pleasant experience! I love using U by Kotex for all activities in my everyday life!