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  • Khart88 By  Khart88    

    Work great. Very long

    These pads are very absorbent. I got them for postpartum use. My only complaint is the size. They cover the entire length of my underwear from waistband to waistband

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  • deepbluedesigns1979 By  deepbluedesigns1979    


    I like these pads. At first I was worried they wouldn't be able to last all night, because they were so thin, but they were great! They're also a great value for the money. Most of the time you can get free samples and coupons from their website.

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  • cowgirl_3298 By  cowgirl_3298    

    Thin but such a "workhorse"

    Finally an overnight pad that doesnt feel as though you are wearing a diaper. Very thin and discreet which is so nice. I do think a long version should be offered though to offer more coverage if you are a back or stomach sleeper.

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  • DaisyHunnell96 By  DaisyHunnell96    

    Love these!

    I love these overnight pads!! They are the best ones that I have tried because they stay in place, absorb my flow perfectly, and do not leak. I use these when I do not want to sleep with a tampon in! These are the best overnight pads available:)

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  • Chelsealove95 By  Chelsealove95    

    I have a really heavy flow, and these are freaking amazing! They stay on really well, and don't move around like some other pads. They're also thin and comfortable, but they absorb a lot! I only buy this brand now!

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  • SilverHDanes By  SilverHDanes    


    I used to use always, but after buying these by accident, they were so comfortable and flexible. I always keep these in hand now!

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  • Mzjohnson253 By  Mzjohnson253    

    Such a great product! So comfortable and flexible. The wings are great so you don't end up leaking. They are very nicely priced also.

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  • deniserae81 By  deniserae81    

    These are great if you have a heavy flow. I would also recommend these for day use too. My flow used to be really, really bad before I had an ablation. These suckers helped me out quite a bit!

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  • smurfette498 By  smurfette498    

    Love this never have to worry about it . It is discreet and no scented it has perfect sized to carry in my purse

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  • Lexxii By  Lexxii    

    These pads work great! I used after I had my baby. So much better than wearing the bulky hospital pads. No leakage or feeling like your wearing a pillow between your legs. Definitely my go to pad.

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  • valentta By  valentta    

    These are great ultra thin overnight maxi pads which don't make you feel like you are wearing a diaper. It feels very comfortable and most importantly, there are no accidents.I highly recommend.

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