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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    Good greek product with 30 SPF , in normal price ! based on natural ingredients and perfect scent and it is not oily for the skin. sun protection is so important and for me Korres sun block is one of the best. (i also love using all the korres products!)

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  • corabishop By  corabishop    

    I love this sunscreen! It works great by keeping me from getting sunburned and it also smells great!! I recommend this product to all of my friends and family. The price is pretty high though. I will continue to purchase for when I am out in the sun.

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  • alou18 By  alou18    

    Too thick and heavy on my face. And the watermelon smell is too much for me.

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  • Kellies By  Kellies    

    The smell is fantastic ,i checked it but didnt buy it... maybe i should eh??....

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  • Annakiv By  Annakiv    

    I like all products of corres.maybe i would like them to be less expensive

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  • mastrogm By  mastrogm    

    Good product. I have sensitive skin and sometimes SPF products are to heavy, greasy for me. This was light and smooth.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    That's my philosophy, too. I got a few bad sunburns as a kid (2nd degree) and have already had some precancerous sites removed. This was 20 years ago when there wasn't as much in the news about the danger as there is now, and I know that what I do now is extra important. I also use Colorscience Transparent mineral 30 SPF powder as my finishing/setting powder. Best of all, neither one are chock full of chemicals you can't pronounce, which is even more reason to like them.

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