Kong Extreme

Kong Extreme

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Very useful and durable. I love this!!! I've had several large breed dogs and just one of these has outlasted my old dog and my puppies. Granted, they don't chew on it super hard because I usually only give it to them when it's filled. Which, when you fill this with peanut butter or pumpkin or any moldable filling, and then freeze it? It makes an amazing treat that keeps the pups out of my hair for a little while, and back when they were teething the cold soothed the pain. Highly recommend!

Doberman loved it. Not as easily destroyed as the others

Love it! This is the best! Kongs are the best thing to teach your dogs to chew on and the extreme Kong is the greatest for aggressive chewers! My dogs love Kongs!

Zip loves this one also... same deal and easy to clean.. we love them they are so darn sturdy.. he has not destroyed any of them and trust me Dauchaunds are know for taking everything apart.

My puppy loves this toy. She chews everything but has not make it through this one yet!

Excellent toy for our Pitbull from puppy age to adult. If they get bored you can fill it with different foods, etc. I know they don't advertise this but if the Kong toys get really dirty you can run them through the washer or dishwasher. Good sturdy toy, money well spent.

I have a 35 pound jack russell mix and the extreme has worked way better than the original red Kong, and he's a chewer. So I'd say for smaller dogs that can chew it's pretty good... better than any other toy he's already destroyed!

I have a Weimaraner. She is about 80 pounds and is a VERY powerful chewer. I got the Kong Extreme for her because i thought she would chew right thorugh the original one. Unfortunaley, it only took her about 10 minutes to split it in 2 pieces. I gave this product a 2 because I do think it has pretty good quality, but if your dog is a real power chewer, then I woulnd't recommend it.