Kong Extreme Dog Toy, Black

Kong Extreme Dog Toy, Black

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Great Product! I love this product! I have a Great Dane and an Australian Shepherd; the toy comes in several sizes making it convenient for both. You can put your dog's favorite treats in the center, it's a great toy to keep your pup occupied for a long time. Dogs need lots of sensory activities to help them exercise mentally, and this is wonderful for that! My dogs have had their toys for months and still haven't torn any pieces off.

GSD vs Kong - GSD won Great toy for one German Shepherd - he was kinda bored with it. Rescue female got ahold of it and it looked like playground mulch in 5 minutes. For heavy chewers - it won't hold up. It's supposed to though.

Super durable for the toughest chewer! My aussie loves her Kong (especially when I stuff it with peanut butter). She destroys nearly every toy she gets sooner or later and goes through bones and antlers like crazy. She loves to chew! But the extreme kong is one toy that she has yet to even remotely destroy. It's nice to know that when she's run through all her other toys I can still pull that one out for her to play with. I particularly love filling it with peanut butter and freezing it so it entertains her for longer.

10/10 I give this product 5 stars because I bought two when my GSD was a puppy. He's now 2 years old and I still have both Kongs! They are VERY durable! I usually fill them up with canned dog food and freeze them, although they sell cans of kong fillers that do the same thing. I'm just cheap. He can't tear these things up, they're indestructible!

Love! I have a Blue Heeler who LOVES Kong toys!! This specific toy is so much fun because the shape causes it to bouce in unpredictable directions when you throw or bounce it. Dog toys get chased all over my house by my two dogs and this one has lasted for about a year now. Dog toys can be so expensive and not only are these affordable, they last for a very long time!! It can be easily rinsed off when dirty and it doesn't show any wear or tear. Kong toys are worth every penny!

The best! Kongs are the best for occupying dogs! It's really a must to teach your dog to love chewing on these! The black extreme Kongs are especially awesome for the super strong chewers! My dogs love Kongs!

Perfect for occupying pooch Purchased this for my Dachshund who destroys everything. This toy is indestructible! It is also perfect to keep him busy, just fill with peanut butter and freeze, when you need keep your pooch occupied, just grab this out of the freezer and he will be too busy trying the lick the frozen peanut butter from the center to get into trouble!

Love this! My boggle can not chew this up awesome toy!

This has been a fantastic toy for each of my large breed dogs. I opt to fill with peanut butter or some of the healthier treats on the market rather than the kong brand treats but the toy itself is great and long lasting for tough chewers of all sizes!

Nash loves this toy. He's a Golden retriever and carries this thing everywhere. He's been unable to work a piece off of it yet, and it's withstood his chewing and playing. Tough dog toy.

My Boxer tears everything up and can not destroy this. It is so well made! Buster will spend hours trying to get to the peanut butter I put in the middle. Excellent product!

Great for dogs that love to destroy their toys. This thing is nearly indestructible. The only thing is some dogs find it boring and won't play with it.

One of the best investments for a dog owner! I have three dogs and got one for each- they are all chewers and destroy most toys, but these seem to last forever! They love trying to get whatever I put inside out- keeps them happy and busy!

We never heard or checked into a Kong Toy for dogs, that is until we adopted Cody. He loves this dog toy that you put treats in, he knows just how to use it. Our other dog, Connie, the cute rescue dog that found us in the midst of winter. One had never crossed her path either, she is still unsure how this truly works, manages to get the goods out of it though. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy, Black is very durable, lasts a long, long time. We've had Cody (he's such a good boy) for 7 years, the Kong is still going strong. Of course we had to purchase one for Connie, (she's part pit). Both Kong's are used everyday, they love getting a treat in the evening. Keeps them a little busy for a bit, as they have mastered getting the yum-yums out. I recommend them, tough, extreme dog toy our dogs love.