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There clothes seem to be a fair quality for their price and they always have sales going on.

Khols has great sales and I love how you can take amazon returns their now.

Love Kohl's and earning all that sweet Kohl's cash! Wish they had a little more variety though.

I love Kohls I have the Kohls card. I enjoy shopping here to get JLO's clothing and let me tell y'all, going online to purchase things on sale is a must. Besides if you want to save you have to do it the right way. Also, the quality of the clothes here is good.

Kohls Cash! You get good stuff for decent prices, what really makes it worth it is the Kohl's cash, don't lose it!!

Great Store we love this store They offer great discounts and we really love getting cash back

Great savings opportunities and helpful service. Kohl's has enough really great sales that you never really need to pay full price for anything. My son loves shopping for clothes there because of the deeply discounted clearance racks, and the home goods selection is impressive. A huge service benefit is that they accept Amazon returns. When my son dropped off an item to return to Amazon, my account was credited by the time we arrived back at home.

Great customer service and quality of goods. Return policy is also great.

I think I like Kohls I shop at Kohls online I Like that they have coupons. I havent shopped much but when i did i received my order in a timely manner. Now they do seem to be exspensive but if I can catch a bargin then I am happy with their product.

Kohls! Kohls is one of my fave holiday shopping store! Great brands! Low prices! I dosent love Kohls 💸!!! I definitely recommend shopping here.

Love the app I don't always enjoy shopping in-store at Kohl's because it can be backed up at the check-out and sometimes the displays are very disorganized, but I really love their app, where you can purchase through the app and pick up in store. As a mom of little kids, this is a great option for me to get what I need without dragging them through the store.

Since Elder Beerman closed in our town, Kohl?s is the only decent department store we have. Getting 30% off coupon is nice. The Kohl?s cash can be annoying because I already bought what I wanted when I earned the cash so I don?t always use them.

Kohls has really started to grow on me over the past couple of years. I never used to shop there because I thought it was "an old person store" and everything was way overpriced. Then, one day, I got a coupon in the mail so I thought, what the heck, let's check it out. Boy was I surprised! They have amazing clearance prices, and then you can often use coupons on top of that! I have been buying almost all of my Christmas presents from Kohls for the past couple of years. You can find almost anything there. The prices in store are usually better than online for some reason, so if you want really good deals you need to go to the store. Never pay full price for anything, because not only will they always have a sale but if you need to return something you're going to get the lowest sale price ever listed anyway if you were given it as a gift and have no receipt!

I'm a Kohl's girl Kohl's is my go to store whenever I need home goods or clothing/shoes. I love it because you can ALWAYS find a coupon and will never end up paying full price at checkout. And they have really nice quality merchandise!

Great store! Kohl?s has most of all the top brands, most generally has some awesome sales along with coupons! They have just about everything you need in the store except for groceries! My family loves shopping at kohl?s!