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  • lilbluetreefrog By  lilbluetreefrog    

    This movie is good to watch when there's not anything else to watch. It is a bit too predictable, which makes it seem a bit overly cheesy at times.

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  • Neria86 By  Neria86    

    Loved this movie. The chemistry between these two are hilarious yet warms the heart. It kept me laughing yet also gave the twist of a love story in the making. A sequel would be nice!

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    was a good movie i liked it but only watched it once

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  • juliebreeding By  juliebreeding    

    I felt them movie started out really slow and goofy. I expected it to be a mix of comedy and action but only found it to be slow and boring. You could guess the plot line in the first 15 minutes. She gets on a plane that is suppose to be overbooked for which she was bumped and then somehow miraculously gets on only to find there are only 6 people on the plane. You know in the beginning that they will eventually end up together just the way the story line starts going. What a bummer. It could have been so much better.

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