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  • campa01 By  campa01    

    Perfect to keep at the office for when you get a cold. Strong yet soft.

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  • BritniLeeann By  BritniLeeann    

    These are absolutely amazing, especially for young children. It really keeps you from making your nose sore/raw I will never use any other Kleenex than these

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  • flurty1903 By  flurty1903    

    These are great for runny noses! Keeps me from having a red nose on all of those allergy ridden days!

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I really don't like these tissues. They leave a residue in your face that smells. Would rather have the ones with lotion

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  • crissyls By  crissyls    

    The first time i bought these i was seriously amazed it feels so wonderful onmy nose when i blow lol

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  • Msafenn By  Msafenn    

    These are wonderful! So soft!

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  • dpoore3 By  dpoore3    


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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    My husband accuses me of being a tissue snob but I absolutely love this kind of Kleenex. It's the only kind that doesn't leave your nose chafed and red. The cool sensation is also soothing. If they ever come out with a toilet paper version, I'll be buying that as well :D

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Awesome tissues - they have a touch of menthol or eucalyptus in them, making them smooth on a dry, overblown nose!

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  • DaringSpecimen7 By  DaringSpecimen7    

    Feels nice and soothing on the nose with the cool touch.Won't mind having an endless supply of these tissues ;)

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  • lafirefly By  lafirefly    

    I tried these at my grandmother's house and they are great. They definitely feel cool to the touch and it's nice on a sore nose.

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  • melisweet By  melisweet    

    I bought these last winter when I had a cold and was surprised that they really did feel cool on my nose. It scared me a little as to what I must be putting on my skin, but it didn't seem to irritate my sensitive skin. Overall, they soothed my dry, itchy nose and made blowing more pleasant.

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  • kbaby05 By  kbaby05    

    what a great product; these tissues are strong and leave a cool feeling while using. My family wont use any other brand

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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    They had a box of the cold touch when I brought a 4 pack andI love these tissues. I have allergies so I tend to have a raw nose and the cold sensation feels so good on a raw nose.

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    Great for adults but they made my daughter cry.

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