Klear Action Acne Treatment System

Klear Action Acne Treatment System

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For many years I was a devoted Pro-Activ user, I had severe acne and Pro-Activ helped me where a dermatologist could not. The only problem was the expense, I had the products mailed to me (pretty much the only way to get it) and with shipping it was costing me $46 a month! That is pretty pricey even for clear skin! Then suddenly the Pro-Activ stopped working as well. My skin started to look sallow and zits began appearing. Plus I was going broke trying to afford the product. I started buying it on ebay, but so was 99% of the rest of the population and it became an ordeal to win an auction. So I started searching for an equivelant product that I could purchase in a store that would not cost me so much money. That's when I found Klear Action, it advertised itself as having the same ingredients as ProActiv so I decided to give it a try. I could purchase it at Walgreens for only $17 for the complete system! I was AMAZED with this product. Within one week my skin was clear, glowing and not a zit in sight! In fact, the system comes with a little tube of special acne cream to use on stubborn pimples, I haven't had to use it once though because I've not had a single one! I wish more people knew about this product because it really does work BETTER than ProActiv. If you are a ProActiv user (or even if you aren't) try this product and I bet you will switch immediately!