KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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A perfect addition to my kitchen! I absolutely love my KitchenAid blender! From all of the attachments to the easy to mix up a batch of cookie dough, it does everything for me and makes it so easy to bake all of the goodies I love to make!

This is my most prized possession in my kitchen. I have used it for everything from cakes to pasta.

Love KitchenAid I love my kitchen aid Mixer. I've had mine for about 6 or 7yrs and I recommend anyone who wants to save time and make baking much easier to invest in KitchenAid appliances. You'll be glad you did.

Kitchen Aid Mixer Love the Kitchen aid mixer. Worked great over the holidays making cookies and pumpkin bread. Very durable for mixing thick/heavy dough.

Best Investment I've Made! Lifechanger! Probably one of the best investment I've made in a kitchen appliance in a long time! The price of these KitchenAid Stand Mixers had me very turned off and scared from making that big of an investment in a kitchen appliance I wasnt even sure I needed or had the room for! What if I hate it? Then I went to my sister's to bake for Christmas and she has one. I fell in love! My cinnamon buns have never came out better!! And have never been so easy to make. What usually took me 3 hours took half the time! I use it for EVERYTHING now! Who knew it could be used for so many things! I have all the attachments. I can't wait to try out making fresh pasta! Tommarrow were trying our hand at homemade ice cream. Something I NEVER thought id say!! I'm telling you the price can be scary, I know all to well. But the investment is SOOO worth it!!

I love!! my stand mixer it get the job done fast and it is easy to use.

I love love love my stand mixer! I want all the attachments! Only wish I had space to keep it on the counter at all times because it is definitely heavy!

I love love love my stand mixer! I want all the attachments! It will have to quit working before I ever get a different one!

Perfect Gift Got one of these from my hubby for Christmas and I love using it. It is heavy though so if you can keep it on the counter I would suggest it. I love that they sell ceramic bowls fir them also. I have one on my wish list.

Best Mixer Out There! I've had this mixer for about 20 years now. Never had any issues with it. I like the attachments you can add to it, I have the pasta maker and occasionally make my own pasta. It is great for making bread and pizza dough, no extra effort on your part, does all the kneading for you. Great machine!

I have one that is very old and still works like new. It was well worth the price I paid. Comes in handy for many baking projects

Very Good Love my mixer i have had one for years and I use it weekly it is such a worthwhile investment piece

Proud Owner! Of course this may seem like an expensive investment. But it's just that! An Investment. You will have it forever!! It will last forever. It's so beautiful to see on my kitchen cabinet, I am proud to be an owner of a KitchenAid mixer. You will even make up reasons to utilize more than necessary, just to try out its many functions. I've been known to match other kitchen utensils to my mixer, because i Love it so much1

My biggest helper in the kitchen I love my KitchenAid mixer. The attachments make this my go to appliance for just about every meal. I love using my KitchenAid during the holidays and large gatherings ,It says my arthritis Leiden hands for wearing out.

KitchenAid is the Best! My KitchenAid is my favorite appliance in my kitchen, I have many attachments. This thing can do ANYTHING! Way better and more durable than any other mixer.