KitchenAid Chef Series 3-Cup Food Chopper

KitchenAid Chef Series 3-Cup Food Chopper

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The Kitchenaid mini chopper is one of my go-to appliances and one that I utilize nearly each day to make cauliflower mash and rice, as well as other recipes with ease. It works very well, is easy to operate and very lightweight and takes up little, if any space. It is a joy to use!

I purchased this and returned it the next day. I was looking for a small, sturdy mini chopper....this wasn't it. The bowl attaches very tightly, and I just know it would break easily.

I love having a food processor/chopper. This one was bought to replace an older Black & Decker model. I love it. It's fast, the right size, pink (breast cancer item) and does a great job overall. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have different settings. The only setting is Pulse. No chop, blend, etc. It's probably a 2 cup size so it's not one of the larger ones but I still miss those options. I don't need a larger one nor do I have room in my small kitchen. I use it for anything I think will go in it -- crumbing cookies for pie crust; "chopping" onions, celery, etc.; "pureeing" tomatoes; "chopping" chicken for chicken salad, etc. Also, the cord is very short...I guess for safety reasons.

I bought this and my son took it. lol He loves it!!! I love my large kitchenaid food processor!!!

I love my mini chopper. Not only does it chop things, making mincing so easy, but I also use it as a blender. If you pulse, don't hold down the button for long periods, it can get a good blend to sauces, soups, etc. Its not large enough for smoothies, etc, but assisting in prep work for dinner, its great. My only complaint is the washing, as the blade seems so sharp and ready to cut you.

I love my little food chopper. My husband wishes it were slightly bigger though. It is such a handy little tool. We use it for chopping up vegetables for our meatloaf mainly right now. I need to think of more uses for it, but I love this little thing and never regret I got it. It chops with the best of them!

This lil thing is so perfect and powerful but I might overuse it a lil. If I hold down on the button for too long it starts to smell but the blade is sharp and I realize I am supposed to pulse not hold down but what's a girl to do when it needs to be done? :-) Plus its very easy to use. It has a weird safety thing though. It has three pieces besides the base, the lid, the slicer and the 3 cup container. When assembled you cannot take the lid off unless the cup container is moved to unlock from the base. Which is fine, just irritating when I am moving stuff so it chops easier. Otherwise, I have no problems recommending this to anyone who needs a lil chopper. I was shocked at how sharp it was and how quickly it works, all while being quite small!