KitchenAid Apple Slicer

KitchenAid Apple Slicer

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Cuts the time in half for cutting up apples. My kids eat a lot of apples, so ours comes in handy. Also my mom loves making apple pies and crisps and we got her one and she loves it.

I like using this for the convenience of quickly slicing open an apple, but that doesn't mean it always works right. Not every apple can be easily cut open by one of these, and sometimes you really have to push down hard to get it to go through the apple. I also feel that the core area is so slim that I'm left cutting pieces of the core off of the pieces of the apple about 50% of the time. My son loves to eat apples, so I am forever slicing them up for him, which is why I bought this in the first place. It has come apart on me twice and was a bit difficult to get back together, and it can be hard to clean the little edges. I don't put it through the dishwasher, and it still seems like there is some sort of residue forming around the outer edges, and it almost looks like rust! I try to wash it off as often as I can, but I think I just need to buy a better apple slicer than this one.

A lot of people don't like to bite into an apple and some people can't, so an apple slicer is a must. It is so quick and easy to put the apple slicer on top of an apple and push down and voila the apple is sliced and the core can be thrown away. An apple slicer is an inexpensive must have in any kitchen, just like a can opener.