Kiss Everlasting

Kiss Everlasting

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Not as easy as it looks I tried the Real Short length, because as I've said, I can't handle long, glamourous nails. They?re in the classic French manicure design of nearly nude pale pink base with white crescent moons at the tips. From a distance, they look real, not fake. But when you?re up close, you can tell they?re just a little too perfect, not that that's a bad thing. Just an observation. So if someone examines them up close, they won't be fooled into thinking that they?re your own. But really, who cares these days? It's art. It's beauty. Just soak it in. There are 28 nails in the kit so you can pick the ones that fit each individual nail. You match it up to the side of your nail, not jut the cuticle. You can feel as well as see which ones will work and which ones won't. There are self-tabs on the tip of each nail for easy application and on each tab is a number so you can match it to its twin for your other hand. It's also a good idea to write down these numbers so the next time you apply Kiss everlasting French Manicure, you won't have to measure and fit them again. Also, don't assume that the same number will fit your left and right nails. It worked that way for me but it's best to try all to find your personal comfort level. The nails are lovely once they are on but it's not as easy as the box states.

My favorite I love these nails and all nails that Kiss makes. I use them all the time. The quality of the nail is top notch and everyone always complements me on them. The glue that is included in the kit is great glue and you always have plenty left over after you use the nails. I carry the glue with me so if any accidents happen I can repair on the go. Great product, highly recommend!

As a gal that has very soft flimsy natural nails, keeping my nails looking nice and long and healthy is difficult. I was a long time wearer of acrylic nails, until I developed an allergy to the products :( So I had to stop the monthly salon visits :( and I hated the way my nails looked :( I purchased a box of these nails several years ago and fell in love with them...I go the ones that are clear and look like gels...they are shorter than I prefer, but make doing daily tasks easier and make my hands look great :) I would much rather purchase a box of these nails then to spend $35 dollars at the salon :/

These naols really hold on and look great for a good price