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  • weekendeewe By  weekendeewe    

    I honestly like regular tuna as much as albacore

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  • charmedchick By  charmedchick    

    This tuna is just as good if not better than any leading brand out there. It's a much better deal if you buy these at Costco instead of any of those other brands at your supermarket. Yes, you have to buy it in bulk. I think it's a 10 can pack, but they last for a long time. The expiration is usually like two years. These are great to just have on hand in your pantry for quick sandwiches or casserole dishes.

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    love this tuna.... my favorite specially in salads :)

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  • pinklips By  pinklips    

    I really love tuna ,but albacore is really great in salads

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  • missmisy19 By  missmisy19    

    I love all tune but white is my favorite.Love it!

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  • remy411 By  remy411    

    My husband and I love this tuna. I use it for tuna pasta salad and regular tuna sandwiches. I love the price too.

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  • luvs2travel By  luvs2travel    

    This is the only canned tuna I buy, not fishy or salty, nice and chunky. And the can has not shrunken like the name brands! Tip - I keep a few cans in the fridge, when I want tuna salad it's already cold.

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  • 1shoppingmama By  1shoppingmama    

    Oh my goodness, this is the best tuna! The cans are nice and PACKED with tuna so it ends up being less expensive to use than some of the "cheaper" brands on the market. The fish is light, tasty and the chunks are huge and not small flakes of tuna like other brands offer. After trying this albacore tuna I won't go back to the other brands. Just try it. You'll find you can make more sandwiches with just one can than you can with two of the other brands.... at least that's what I've found to be true.

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  • didama By  didama    

    This tuna is just as good as the leading brands of tuna and its significantly less expensive! This is one of those products that I don't really care what the brand name is (its just tuna for goodness sake!) so as long as it tastes good, I will buy whatever is cheaper. I'm so glad that we tried this and now have converted to buying this brand exclusively. Gotta love Costco!

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