Kira Peikoff Living Proof

Kira Peikoff Living Proof

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Read this from cover to cover Can't wait to read this I always enjoy her work I've read others by her too perfect beach read I would recommend this to fans of James Patterson similar style writing mystery fans will not be disappointed

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. The idea behind the book is one that I applaud. Going along with that, it's not a story that will bore you, but it might kill you with all the anticipation of certain events. The last 10% of the book had me nearly gouging my eyes out--I just wanted the big showdown to happen already! However, anticipation is what makes the end of a book work for me. So as much as I complain about it, I really can't finish a book without it. While I enjoyed Trent's character and his dealing with religious doubt, I wish there had been more detail surrounding Arianna (apart from her looks). Suffering from a chronic illness myself, I think the author did a tremendous job both describing MS and getting the reader to sympathize with the victim (at least in my eyes). There had to have been a lot of research done about MS, as well as stem cell research, and I am in awe of that. This book really did start out as a big "meh" for me, but quickly morphed into something I found myself looking forward to reading every day. If only parts of this book were true and we really could develop a second life for those suffering from a debilitating chronic illness!