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Kindle Fire

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My favorite model I have 3 different Kindles, and this one is my favorite. It has web browsing capabilities, so I can get my library ebooks, then read on same device. It is approximately the same size as a paperback.

Kindle Fire I love having many books downloaded and ready to read. There are occasional glitches which require a restart.

Perfect In-Between! I love my Kindle Fire! It's the perfect go-between between my smartphone and my laptop. I carry it pretty much everywhere, and do nearly everything on it, from reading to scrolling my Facebook news feed to checking my email to playing games. I removed one star for the occasional glitches; the wallpaper I set will often revert to one of the default ones, or the Internet will shut down, but these errors are few and far between.

I absolutely love my Kindle Fire! I'm a huge book lover and enjoy having hundreds of books to carry around with me at all times!

Recommend! Love my kindle fire! Super easy to use, pretty decent battery life, not to huge so you can take it places expecially traveling on vacations! Recommend!

Great Okay, so I am definitely a paper copy book lover, but I will admit that the Kindle Fire works so well and have great images. It is easy to use and works for really all ages. If this is a gift, I would be careful on if the recipient likes electronic books because some people do not

I purchased several of these for my kids in place of a tablet that are geared specifically toward kids. I add and delete age appropriate games, books, and movies as necessary and I love that my kindergartener can navigate the tablet to read to her as she is learning to read alone.

I love my Kindle Fire. I love my Kindle Fire. It is my second Kindle, I also have the original, which I have given to my husband. :) I love how easy it is to use. I take it everywhere with me. I recommend the Kindle Fire to all my friends and family.

I love it my kids love it but if it freezes sometimes it won't shut off unless u hold the botton in for a year and sometimes that doesn't work other than that it's pretty good quality unless you want to jam out to some music you need another speaker to make it louder

I love my Kindle Fire I received one for Christmas and I love it.I don't have a smart phone so I can put apps on it.I keep it in my purse so I can use it where ever there is wifi.I take it to church and use Bible Gateway on it to read the scriptures that we go over.It's affordable,I can store books on it.

My daughter loves her kindle fire from amazon, we have Amazon prime it's easy access to books and games

I have the Kindle Fire 2015 Edition. Upon first opening the box, it feels a little flimsy, but it has survived a fall from my night stand without a case without cracking, so maybe it is a bit more durable than I thought. It's great for light internet browsing, reading, and playing simple games. There is a front and rear camera, but neither have great resolution. This will just be nice to have in hand for skyping relatives that live a ways away. Overall if you want something simple and easy, the Kindle Fire is for you. If you want a major app store or camera, stay away from this product.

love my kindle fire -- it is so light and durable - I can read books, play games and do office work - great tablet

We love Kindle Fire! We have 4 in our house. They are so great to use with amazon prime and we can link all of them together and use just one prime account.

My boys have a kindle fire HD, however the charger port on the device stopped working. This poses a problem, because Amazon does not have a physical store to take it to and get it fixed so you have to jump through a ton of hoops to get anything done! It worked well for them, but since they put a lot of games on the device it froze often and would have to be restarted. I wasn't very impressed and will probably be going with Apple from here on out.