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Kindle Fire Giveaway: Share a Peek in Your Purse on Pinterest

Kindle Fire Giveaway: Share a Peek in Your Purse on Pinterest

A woman's purse or handbag is as iconic as her shoes. We all have our own tastes and styles, but what about the mystery and style secrets that are held within?

We're all familiar with how the contents of a bag can be a perfect harmony of all your daily needs stylishly met in a cute package. But what we don't often discuss are the organizers, clips, coupons, gadgets and the select few pieces of make-up that get to ride with you all day. You may also have some small but essential items that have become the glue for your day. It may be anything from a protein bar, a band-aid, or a picture of your family, but to you it's a must-have in your bag. Whatever you keep in your handbag, we'd love to hear all about it!

In this week's giveaway, if you share a peek in your purse on Pinterest as a video or picture board, we'll enter you for a chance to win a shiny new Kindle Fire!

It doesn't really seem a stretch to suggest that perhaps how we keep our bags is an extension of our personality. Is that true for you?  Are you someone who throw's everything into your bag until it's overflowing or do you have different bags with different functions that you switch between? Perhaps, you have an optimal number of items in your bag that you never go over. 

So is it the organized mind or the organized bag that helps us to keep our bags from turning into the abyss and avoid the constant searching for keys, wallet, or cell phone. We all have our story when it comes to our purse and we'd love to hear yours. For some this will be therapeutic for others a purge and of course we're hoping to pick up some tips on great products and ideas for a better relationship with our bag.

For some inspiration, we love this video by KatrinasBlushing.  She shares some great products and a few clear, self-imposed rules, like never carrying make-up - just lipgloss!


Don't have a Pinterest account? Pinterest is currently invite only. You can request an invite from Pinterest here or email us at and we'll invite you. Here's a helpful video that will teach you how to get started on Pinterest.


Now we'd like to hear from you! To be entered to win a new Amazon Kindle Fire, follow these steps:

(1) Create a video like the one above sharing with us what you keep in your handbag

(2) Pin that video to your Pinterest page

(3) Tell us about your video on our Facebook page. Be sure to provide a link to your video so we can check it out!

If video is not for you, you can create a Pinterest board entitled "Share a Peek in Your Purse", and pin photos of your bag and the products you keep in it to that board. Be sure to tell us about your board on our Facebook page and provide us with a link to view it. If you submit photos we'll enter you for a chance to win the Kindle Fire or our runner-up prize, a supply of GoGo squeeZ! GoGo squeeZ is perfect for women on the go, women who need a little healthy portable snack or pre-workout boost, and it's great for kids snacks & lunches!

For those without a Pinterest account, you can also submit videos to us by clicking the link HERE.

Videos and photos must be submitted by 6pm EST on April 30th, 2012

Kindle Fire

Grand Prize: Amazon Kindle Fire
GoGo Squeeze

Runner-Up Prize: GoGo squeeZ

The contest starts April 24th, 2012 and ends April 30th, 2012 at 6pm EST. Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary. 



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  • mardel By mardel

    I don't have pinterest or like making videos. This seems like so much fun! Good luck everyone

  • Tricias-List By Tricias-List

    Awesome!! I am so there !

  • wildnmild4u By wildnmild4u

    I really am kind of afraid to look into what is at the bottom of my purse!

  • xloeboo By xloeboo

    Uhhh...what if we don't own or use a purse? I can't possibly be the only girl out there that doesn't!

  • thepryfamily By thepryfamily

    done! here's my fb link: and pinterest link: thanks! hope to win!!

  • mrvmrvmrv By mrvmrvmrv

    It's amazing how people are ready to give up last of their privacy for a chance of getting some free stuff! What's next - show us the brands of your underwear and make your undressing video for a chance of winning an iphone?

  • ragbrai By ragbrai

    I don't use a purse or bag. That way I am not stuck carrying all my kid's junk. I simply tell them that I don't have anywhere to carry it:)

  • allysmama By allysmama

    Here is the link to my pinterest Here is my facebook link

  • FreeBeingX By FreeBeingX

    Was SO excited. I did the Pinterest board and everything. Then I realized I had to use Facebook. I despise FB & won't use it. Guess I am out of the running. I'll read the entry instructions better next time. HUGE disappointment. I gave it my best shot & just so it doesn't all go to waste, I am sharing my Pinterest board on the She Speaks hosted site.

  • hshepard By hshepard

    I have been wanting a Kindle Fire! Looking through my purse made me realize I need to do a major clean out!

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