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  • kitakat08 By  kitakat08    

    Great book! Love the series.

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  • cwpugh30 By  cwpugh30    

    Love all the books in this series. I find it hard to put down, even when I know I have to be up early the next day! One of the series, you just cant wait for the next book to come out.

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  • ann__b By  ann__b    

    I love all of the books in this series. Kim Harrison is great at bringing all of the characters to life!

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  • imthinkingoutloud By  imthinkingoutloud    

    I adore this series and the author. A fun and exciting and even sexy book with a neat twist on the world. It is difficult to put this book down but very easy to become 'friends' with each of the characters. They are likeable, well written and developed. Who doesn't want to be Rachel Morgan and have their very own Pixie sidekick, vampire best friend, and a life full of excitement and a splash of danger.

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