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  • zoeyriot By  zoeyriot    

    The feeling I got from this storyline stuck with me for years. And I still reread it several times! I love a book that moves your soul in an almost painful way, the characters become a part of the fabric of your life.

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  • kristinabest By  kristinabest    

    I loved this book. I believe I cried at certain spots.

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  • cammih By  cammih    

    I thought this book was pretty good.. It really gets you involved in the beginning but seems to lead to nowhere for a while. The character development is a little shallow. I enjoyed it though. It was at least entertaining enough to draw one in and keep the interest.

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  • mdist7 By  mdist7    

    loved the book! great story, starts off a bit slow, but worth the wait to get to the good part.

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  • leighmegs By  leighmegs    

    Wonderful book, very touching. Made me consider adopting a child with Downs Syndrome.

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  • pirateqt By  pirateqt    

    LOVED this book!!!!! Haven't seen the movie yet, but I definately plan too!

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  • stannseniors By  stannseniors    

    I liked this book - it kept me interested, it was touching, but it was a little slow.

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  • rlnclark By  rlnclark    

    I thought this was a very good book that was not done any justice at all by the movie made of it. If that's all you know of the story, don't give up on the book. It truly speaks to the human ability to compartmentalize the horrible things we do to protect ourselves, or those we love. It doesn't sugar coat. Some mistakes cannot be fixed, some things you can't take back. I understand why the doctor sent away his daughter on the night of her birth, but it was his undoing and rightly so, sad as that was. Still, his daughter was given the gift of a wonderful life. A wonderful read for a long winter night.

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  • Angelsminx By  Angelsminx    

    This book was very touching, not what you would expect. As always the book outshone the movie. I definitely recommend this book.

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  • swankysuey By  swankysuey    

    I wouldn't recommend, I had to force myself to finish it.

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  • ncdebbieb By  ncdebbieb    

    Great book!

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  • KeriO26 By  KeriO26    

    I saw this book review in a magazine and decided to read it. I really enjoyed it and had no idea there was a movie too, I will have to check it out!

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  • 726aed By  726aed    

    Loved this book. It is a bit hard to get through the first 50 pages....but once you do, it is a wonderful story!!!!

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  • Star66 By  Star66    

    Felt contrived.

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  • redraider14 By  redraider14    

    Loved this book. It is heartfelt and touching!

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