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  • BigLipLouise By  BigLipLouise    

    It?s a MUST!!

    I could eat this stuff it?s that amazing! This could keep your lips moisturized and smoother than a baby?s butt in below freezing weather. One of my favorite things about the brand it?s self is it?s all naturally driven but also scientifically enhanced. Thats Especially perfect for a product that goes on or around the mouth. I would say the price is up there for a lip balm but I would honestly pay more if I had to.

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  • laurnk By  laurnk    

    Natural hydrating lip balm

    I use this very often and put it on most nights before I go to sleep. It is very hydrating and feels great on your lips, and makes them so soft! The consistency is pretty thick but is also a bit slippery/can come off a bit greasy so might wipe off easily. It is also a convenient size and the way it dispenses is very sanitary.

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