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  • violetlove18 By  violetlove18    

    this stuff is my life even my daughter loves it and trust me shes picky. i cant wait for my other daughters to be old enough to use it. :)

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  • IronicPoetry By  IronicPoetry    

    I don't think I've ever used anything that worked as well as this stuff. It's a miracle in a bottle, really. It's a wonderful moisturizer that isn't at all heavy or greasy but gets the job done. I've seen some definite improvement in my overall skin quality from this stuff. It's less dry and flaky and looks brighter and revitalized. I almost feel as if I have that wonderful "glowing" complexion that all of these products promise. Plus, the 100% natural formula means it's great even for those with allergies and sensitivities.

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  • pattisw By  pattisw    

    Over the years I have tried numerous anti aging moisturizers,serums,facial washes and lotions. For the first time I have finally found one that makes a difference in my skin. No the wrinkles dont disappear,but I noticed a difference within a few days of using Kiehls.I apply the moisturizer every morning after washing my face with the Kiehls ACAI face wash.My skin looks more radiant,smooth and healthy.

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  • rockhound24 By  rockhound24    

    This is a 100% natural, organic moisturizer. But don't let that deter you! It is very thick and creamy, and makes your skin feel really smooth. It smells spicy and fresh... almost reminiscent of the cold cream our mothers used. The acai antioxidants help to neutralize oxidizing free-radicals, which basically restores skin's tone and elasticity. The bottle says it will help with fine lines... I haven't used it long enough to attest to that.

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