Keurig K Duo

Keurig K Duo

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Calling All Social Coffee Lovers! Our household really likes the Keurig K Duo. On an average day, we use the single serving size, but the pot is wonderful when guests are visiting. If you are likely to have visitors, this is the coffee setup for you.

Best of both worlds! This is the Keurig machine I waited on for years! One water tank; programmable automatic drip coffeemaker on one side; K-Cup brewer on the other side. And it makes great coffee! I enjoy K-cup convenience, but I like the savings of brewing ground coffee. This machine is truly the best of both for me. I have not had problems with leaking, dribble carafes, or bad pumps. I only use Brita-filtered water, and I also keep a Keurig filter in the tank, and that might have something to do with it.

quick and easy My husband just replaced our old pot with this one. Great for a morning cup of tea or a whole pot of coffee. Quick and easy and tastes like a coffee shop in your kitchen!

Love! Love this Keurig! Love that you can brew ground coffee and make k-cups as well. The only thing I would have appreciated is a "strong" option on the k-cup side. I miss being able to make my coffee strong! Otherwise, this machine is wonderful! It doesn't take up too much space and is reasonably priced as well.

Love the new Keurig K Duo The Keurig K Duo replaced my old 2.0 model. Unlike the 2.0 this features a glass coffee pot instead of a plastic carafe that would take a large K-Cup which could be a hassle to measure and fill. The Keurig K Duo coffee pot brews up to 12 cups of coffee. You can use disposable coffee filters or a refillable coffee filter with it which are sold separately. The single serve feature allows you to brew an 8,10 or 12 ounce cup. Perfect for when you need more caffeine in the morning. I usually brew the 8 cup option as directed on the box of K-Cups I get. Very easy and convenient to use. I think this would make an excellent holiday gift for coffee lovers.