Keurig 2.0 K450

Keurig 2.0 K450

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I use this machine for coffee and tea. There are several bugs with the machine but you can work around them. I don't buy k cup, I have refillable cups i use with the machine. Overall, its a good machine but not the best.

I use my Keurig daily, and several times a day! Brews a great cup of coffee, or tea. The reservoir is pretty big, so even though I use it quite often, I only need to fill it every other day. I like that you can brew either a cup, or a carafe! The only thing I don't like about it, is that the needles get plugged up, and very often, so I'm constantly cleaning them out. That's why I only gave it 4 stars. Other than that, it's a great machine.

Love It! My mom has this version while I have the older one and I like the features available on hers. My family always use it for their morning coffee and when I visit I cannot help to make me a cup as well.

Couldn't go a day without my morning coffee! Love my keurig!

I love my Keurig. it's quick and easy and convenient for me since I'm the only coffee drinker in the house and only need one cup at a time. My kids Also use the hot water dispenser for teas and hot chocolate. It's a win win for my household.

I received this product from a testing website and am in love - I got rid of my other coffee makers in the house! It has cool back lighting features and can brew just about everything!

Not so happy with my 2.0 I am not impressed with new 2.0 versions of Keurig. I am currently looking for an older one. The reasons I do not like it are as follows: 1. It can only use specific 2.0 K-cups unless you purchase the refillable cup direct from Keurig. Please be aware that many companies advertise 2.0 compatible on the coffee box, but this is not true! The refillable cups from Walmart won't work with this machine. i contacted Keurig and they said it has to have the Keurig name on it in order for it to work. 2. I don't like that I can't brew a cup of coffee over 10 oz. I don't like strong coffee, so I sometimes like to brew a larger cup. Hot water brew sizes are way too small for a cup of tea. 3. My 2.0 seems to take a lot longer to heat up vs. the older machine. 4. There is no option on the 2.0 to set the temperature. I am very disappointed that after I brew a cup and add some half and half, my coffee is not hot enough and I end up microwaving it. My brother in-law has a 2 yr. old Keurig and it makes an amazing cup of coffee. I can brew the same K-Cup in my 2.0 and it is less savory. I believe it has to do with the temperature at which it brews.

our keurig coffee maker is the best coffee tastes fresh goodness perks way faster from trip out to get paper back in its done

It's very convenient however I liked the older version better for several reasons. I do like that I can brew either a cup or a carafe. On the downside, it takes longer to heat up than some models, sure it's still faster than brewing a pot of coffee but my mom had an older one that was just always ready, no warming up and I loved it! Also I have some k cups that say keurig on them, they aren't offbrand, however the machine wont brew them it tells me I must get keurig approved ones! So now I guess all of those will go to waste!

the best coffee machine ever so simple just plug it in and u have the best coffee in 1 second

I love my Keurig 2.0. I use it daily. My only complaint is that I wish it heated up faster which I have seen with some other single brewers.

Got my Keurig for a great price, and I must say I love it. I love that I can have some coffee or tea with no hassle! It really is great!

great coffee maker love it makes on the go easier and faster

We love the big water reservoir of the Keurig 2.0 so we don't have to refill it too often. It comes with a carafe so we can make "volumes" instead of little 8-10oz cups. We love the touchscreen panel (it walks you through the process) as well as the option to brew 8 or 10oz cups and choose "strong" as our brew strength. We also get to choose between coffee vs hot chocolate (or other) modes. We especially love the built-in timer which helps us every morning--no more waiting for the machine to preheat! Some people may find the K-cups a bit pricey over time however, we have found the "convenience" to be worth it especially when on the go. We took one star off as we're now on our 2nd Keurig 2.0 machine (the first one broke after 6 months of heavy use): almost every member of our large family + guests use this machine

I love my Keurig and the K-cup products! Very easy to make than having to change the filter etc. Just put your K-cup in and go in the morning:) If you like it a little old fashion way, you can also brew it the other way. It is also good for making Teas:)