Kettle Potato Chips

Kettle Potato Chips

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I don't love the price of the chips for a small bag but the BBQ ones are good. My boyfriend loves these although they have a nose to them and are really greasy. I love the crunch to these.

When we want a very special treat, we pick these. They are a little more expensive than cheaper brands, but they are unique and delicious. They seem slightly heavier, perfectly salted and delicious.

I love Kettle chips - they are crunchier and very tasty!

I love these chips my favorite are sea salt and black pepper. They are very thick cut for me and I love that!!

I have never met a chip I didn't like, but Kettle chips are the best! My favorites are the Jalapeño and the Sea Salt and Vinegar! Yum!

I love kettle brand chips. I especially enjoy the jalapeno flavored chips. They have less oil than other chips.

Great dipping chip! Thicker and crunchy, does not break in the dip!

way too hard, I know kettle chips are supposed to be crunchy but you can almost break a tooth on these. it just seems like they're stale. I've tried many times to like them because the flavors are unique and look yummy but I give up every bag I've bought tasted like stale rock hard chips.

Honestly I haven't been real impressed. Whenever I have bought them, they always tasted stale and way over salted.

We got kettle corn in walmart and used a dollar coupon for 2 and tried it. I dont really like it its a lil bit hard and i dont know i just dont like it.Its different from other potato chips I`ve tried. I wouldnt reccommend it sorry :(

These are the best chips ever. Crunchy and substantial!

I am in love with the Kettle Brand baked chips. They have 65 percent less fat than regular chips, 2 grams of fiber, 3 grams of fat, and only 120 calories per serving. The sea salt flavor is so simple and DELICIOUS! It tastes like yummy real potatoes, not a greasy chip. I could easily eat a whole bag, but that would defeat the purpose of them being healthier!

Oh my word... These are amazing. I love the Honey Dijon flavour.

Flavor! crunch! Wow!

Crunchy and great bold flavors!