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  • slachance20 By  slachance20    

    The first book I ever read by Keri Arthur. I love this author and this character. I've read them all.

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  • PugLove By  PugLove    

    Riley Jenson is not much of heroine. Instead of fighting the "bad guys", she has sex with them. After having sex with them, she wants more of it. She spends a lot of her time in dance clubs having sex. This book is filled with erotic scenes. The plot is terrible. There is no romance in this book, either (I'm guessing this book is supposed to be considered a paranormal romance). No one loves Riley, people just want to use her and she lets them, over and over. I am not going to read another book in this series and I probably will not read another one written by this author, either. I would recommend authors Kelly Gay and Karen Chance instead.

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