Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

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Do you like flowers? This isn't my favorite scent it is like sniffing really artificial flower scents such as laundry detergents or weird cleaning products

No way. Not for me. I've tried so many fragrances and this one reminds me of a drugstore fragrance. It just doesn't smell nice. Maybe for other women, not for me.

I love! I love! I love! Flowers by Kenzo elegant ,beautiful. I was in love with the perfume!!!!!!!

I love Flowers by Kenzo! It is my favorite perfume at the moment. I am lucky about my perfumes. I want a scent that I don't smell on every woman that I come across and I want one that will last a very long time. This scent of both of those. I can still smell it on my skin hours after I apply, and on my clothes days later. It is a very unique fragrance. I just love it and always get compliments on it.

Such a fresh scent. I would buy it again.

I love the way this product is packaged. Simply elegant and beautiful, for your desk, your bureau, or your bath. The scent is very light and floral with notes of i believe amber? I adore this frangrance, and wouldnt hesitate to give it as a gift, wear it, or tell the world about it!

Love this fragrance, I get compliments whenever I wear it. It's a floral but clean smell, not sweet & powdery, smells different on everyone. Not for those who prefer woodsy/oriental.

I would love to sample this perfume.

The bottles look great, but the smell is not so great, at least in my opinion. It purely smells like, if you like flowers then go for it