Kenra Platinum Hot Spray

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray

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Only thing that's worked for my hair I really wanted to try beach waves for my hair. I was hesitant because my hair never holds a curl. Even when I've tried to get professional perms in the past. I went into Ulta and picked up a beach waver. I asked one of the employees if they had any suggestions for something that may help to keep the waves in my hair. They suggested the Kendra platinum hot spray. I never used a product like this and it was kind of expensive but I decided to give it a try. You guys it worked amazing. In fact if I let it go my beach waves will stay in my hair for up to 2 days with this product. I'm so happy

Smells great and really does the job. Wish it was a little less expensive.

Good formula that works great at holding curls, however I always have problems with this and the Kenra 25 bottles clogging, no matter what I do. It's annoying

love it

I love other Kenra products and seeing as I blow dry and straighten everyday I'm sure this could help me out!

I have used this and love it!

Love all Kenra products. I have this product, it works well, smells great as all kenra products do.

I abso-lut-ly LUV this product .. if you need a curl or style , all you need to do is spray alittle & begin to play ..My hair is not the best for keeping a style but with this was perfect all day !

I tried this product and I love it. Will definitely continue buying.

I love this! It works great and smells wonderful!

I have not seen this product out, guess I'm going to have to look for it now with all of these of great reviews.

I haven't tried this but I figure it's great. Because Kenra products are wonderful. They are costly but very good. They do what they say they will. I hope you send it to me as I'm anxious to try it.

would love to review this product

Would love to try this! I have to do my hair every day for work...Wash, blow dry, flat iron, style. Sounds like a great product!

I blow dry and use a straightener almost everyday. This sounds like it could really help me out. I will have to try it,