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  • stannseniors By  stannseniors    

    One of my top 25 books....follow up to Pillars of the Earth. These two books are SO good! The character development, the story line....all so top notch. This SO different from other Follett stories. This guy is a master story teller - no matter what the genre.

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  • PennyWhistle By  PennyWhistle    

    When this sequel to Pillars of the Earth was about to come out, I waited it out by reading the first book of this series by Ken Follett. Both books are quite long, but extremely rewarding. A fully realized historical fiction by a writer that in the past was known for spy novels is amazing. World Without End contains so much more than one would expect, such as fully developed characters, adventure, drama, intrigue, love and religion . . . and the building of a magnificent cathedral by the descendants of the cathedral builders in Pillars. I stayed up late many nights reading to my heart's content. I highly, highly recommend this book, and it's predecessor, too!

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  • itsmecrisi By  itsmecrisi    

    Amazing read. If you loved Pillars of the Earth, you will definitely love this one just as much. I love how it was really long - i feel like I got my money's worth. I agree with gracie82 (from above) there are a few sexual scenes in it, but not too completely over the top. I love K. Fowlett's style of writing and his attention to details. You are literally there with the characters. An AWESOME book and a MUST READ!! I have recommended this book to others, even bought it to give as gifts!!

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  • jennifercaroline By  jennifercaroline    

    Oh my gosh I haven't loved a book so much since pillars of the earth! Seriously Follet is a master storyteller and this book was a page turner. I just wish this series kept right on going. I would buy them all!!! I also have passed the book along to family and told friends to buy it as well.

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  • onlyonetoni By  onlyonetoni    

    Just as good as the first! These are the longest books I have ever read in my life and totally 100% worth it!

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  • jenniferlynn By  jenniferlynn    

    My fiance really enjoyed this book.

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  • LetMeTellYou By  LetMeTellYou    

    World Without End is the sequel to Pillars of the Earth. It follows the decedents of the former book throughout their lives. Like Pillars of the Earth this story has something for everyone.

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