Kellog's Special K Cereal Red Berries

Kellog's Special K Cereal Red Berries

              Rated #11 in Cereal & Breakfast Food
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92% Recommended
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Delicious - Not A Very Healthy Breakfast, though I love Special K Red Berry! So, so yummy. I wouldn't rate it very high on the health scale because of the sugars, but I love having it with soy milk.

Good Yummy, but not quite as filling as I'd like considering it's supposed to help you lose weight.

Good Love this stuff! It's my go to cereal. The strawberries don't get soggy.

Good stuff One of my favorite cereals...I usually have 2 boxes in the pantry at all times!

special k i have tried special k its really some great tasting cereal keeps you full and gives you fruit in your cereal for the most amazing bowl of cereal.

Special K Red Berries The Special K Red Berries is my favorite breakfast. It is good for you a well.

Fruity Crunch Delight! For years, I've been a big fan of Special K Red Berries. Not only is it nutritious and the ideal way to start my day, but it is also packed with the sweetness of the dried strawberries and also provides a delicate crunch for texture. It is great alone, with milk, or with yogurt!

Love This Cereal This is my favorite cereal! I love the crunchy flakes and the real strawberries, plus it is low in calories. I love eating this for a meal as well as it makes a great snack.

Best cereal The best cereal, my three year old loves it as much as I do. The strawberries are the best part and I do wish it had more in each bite! It's pretty addicting because the flavor is so good.

odd berries have a odd taste.the flakes are good its just something kinda tart with the berries..

I love this cereal . I usually buy a couple of boxes when they go on sale. I love that I has berries in it and it's not too sweet. I like that it's some what healthy and still has a great flavor.

Healthy and delicious! Helps drop pounds! I love all Special K products! They are so good to me!

Love it but wish the flakes were smaller. Just the right amount of sweetness.

This cereal is very good. What I love the most is that it's low in calories and still tastes delicious.

My husband and I love this cereal for breakfast. The berries do the trick. I'm actually going to snack on some now.