Kellogg's  Special K Chocolate Protein Shake

Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Protein Shake

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Great product for a quick breakfast on the go.

I love these! If I don't have something I can grab on the go I usually do not end up eating breakfast (when you wake up at 4am you tend to not want to sacrifice even a couple minutes of sleep for breakfast) but if I grab one of these for breakfast and the meal bar for lunch I am set up for the day until dinner!

I tried the chocolate and found no difference in taste as compared to the SlimFast or even the Equate versions, just different packaging, although I see SlimFast has now switched to plastic bottles. The taste was good for a quick on the run "meal", but found I needed to eat something, I usually have some kind of fruit, to really feel and keep the full feeling until lunch. However with the price, even after coupons, I will prob stick with the cheaper Equate brand.

Very tasty. Keeps me full for a while after lunch but I like to add an applesauce/fruit so I'm not starving by 4pm.

I find that this product is a really good way to start the day. They taste really great really cold. They do not taste like the chalk some of the others remind me of. Chocolate would have to be my favorite.

Watching my calories and trying to eat right with 5 small meals a day and Special K's Protein Shakes are great! I use one as a meal replacement each day. I have tried the Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla and all are great tasting and really do fill me up! I especially love one after a great workout! Great Taste & Works Great too! A++++