Kellogg's Special K Cereal

Kellogg's Special K Cereal

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I have been a fan of Special K Cereal for years now. I either have it for breakfast or a midnight snack!

Great Cornflakes This has been one of my favorite cereals for years because it has a great crunchy texture and tastes great. I love these simple cornflakes and it is a great cereal for a meal and a snack.

Special K chocolatey delight In our house we love Special K chocolatey delight. The price is a little steep but we love the taste. It's pretty filling too. It gets you through your morning and makes a good snack as well!

I love Special K cereal... It taste amazing, not to sweet and not bitter. I like to have it with some vanilla almond milk unsweetened ..

Love Special K Cereal. Have to hide from my kids because they always want to eat my cereal.

Mix this baby with fruits or honey and you have a simple yet healthy breakfast. I highly recommend ripe bananas and honey. Go, do it now! You'll thank me later.

I really love Special K. Its soo yummy this is the only healthy cereal we buy everytime we go shopping. once in a wihle the other brands would be once in a while.

I always feel I have to eat more of this cereal to get the same sense of fullness of other cereals. Not one of my favorites.

Love Special K cereal and I even received a Special K beach tote bag for free!

I love Special K cereal - my absolute favorite!

My absolute favorite! Could have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I love this cereal! It is not covered in sugar like frosted flakes but curbs your appetite when you need something crunchy!

I really love this cereal. I can eat it anytime of the day for a snack. my children also love this product.

I really enjoy this cereal. I love to add in some equal just to make it a little sweeter then I can always change up what kind of fruit I want to add to it when I eat it. It makes for a good breakfast that I can keep changing so I don't get bored with the same thing every day.

One of my favorite cereals. Especially with blueberries and 2% milk ����