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  • April22Red By  April22Red    

    I just love the Kellogg's Raisin Bran Extra! Has a great taste, fast & easy in the morning to fix.

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  • nursebunny By  nursebunny    


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  • kellibliss By  kellibliss    

    I love this cereal it's great! Love the tartness of the cranberries and the sweetness of the yogurt crunches!

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  • bosslady0506 By  bosslady0506    

    Great tasting and lots of different textures. I found myself eating the whole bowl instead of leaving the mushy stuff as it had far more texture and taste.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    I love this cereal and the original kellogs raisin bran

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  • Nanny2335 By  Nanny2335    

    Good, but tastes like the regular cereal to me.

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    


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  • Cupcake_Fairy By  Cupcake_Fairy    

    First off, i am a HUGE fan of Kellogg's Raisin Bran and all of the varietys of this cereal! I go thru a box in a week, with just myself consuming it! haha. Its Wholesome, good for you (and your digestive tract!), and is packed with FIBER and vitamins. Some Bran Cereals can be like biting into cardboard....but not this one! One serving has 28% of your DV of Fiber! Woo Hoo! The original version of this awesome breakfast food staple has been PUMPED up! When i saw the humorous commercial for this new twist on my favorite cereal, i knew i had to try it! If you like Raisin Bran, you will love Raisin Bran Extra! Because its just that, Raisin Bran plus lots of new flavorful goodies. Its like a party in your cereal bowl! You have the crispy bran flakes, lots of yummy raisins, Nice yogurt clusters, tart dried cranberries + Delicious sliced almond pieces! Whats not to love?! The mix of all of the goodness makes for a delectable, good for you breakfast, and a nutricious snack. ( I carry a small ziplock bag of a handful or two of the cereal in my purse for a quick, good for me snack, through-out the day...yum!) I highly reccommend this cereal, my two year old daughter even likes it! Its colorful and fun, delicious and good for you. Try it and you will love it, in the morning, paired with a banana and some juice, its the perfect breakfast! Thanks for reading!

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