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  • jmbroussard55 By  jmbroussard55    

    I am not a fan of blueberry, but my son was in heaven. He said they were yummy. Way to go Pop Tarts, another winner.

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  • rudmom5 By  rudmom5    

    My kids can not wait to try this new flavor of poptarts. Of course I wish poptarts were healthier, they should add whole grains and remove some of the sugar. I always end up buying them because my picky eater Son that needs to gain wait loves pop tarts and blueberry is his favorite.

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  • Moonew By  Moonew    

    I am not a blueberry fan so blueberry muffins do not sound good at all.

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  • Sourgrl By  Sourgrl    

    Not bad. I'm not a huge pop tart fan. My kids of course, LOVE pop tarts! :)

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  • alleybaby123 By  alleybaby123    

    Wasn't a fan poptarts are to dry in my opinion.

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  • michelle7474 By  michelle7474    

    Don't like blueberry ones at all I like the strawberry ones

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  • indycouponmama By  indycouponmama    

    The blueberry Muffin pop-tarts were not very popular in my house. I have boys that will eat about anything, but they did not like the taste of these. I didn't mind them personally. But I don't eat pop-tarts frequently.

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  • MommyFavorites By  MommyFavorites    

    Love pop tarts. They literally have no nutritional value, but such a great treat for the kids. Our favorite is strawberry and blueberry. Not a huge fan of the fudge or chocolate.

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  • happykidsinc By  happykidsinc    

    While they provide a fun treat for breakfast with a sweet taste, I simply can't recommend this product. I am very conscious of what I feed my children and these are loaded with preservatives and sugar.

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  • angsmith By  angsmith    

    Not a fan...bought for my teenage son to try and even he didn't like them.

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  • someday By  someday    

    Don't like these and my kids don't like them either. Had to throw out most of the box :(

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Not a big fan. My daughter begs me to buy these, but the nutritional value is horrible. I would not recommend.

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  • crystalhale By  crystalhale    

    me and the kids just love them grab a pack and out the door.

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  • msannaclark By  msannaclark    

    tastes fake and super sweet

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  • Speakheather By  Speakheather    

    Not bad but Pop Tarts seems to do best with the fruit fillings. All of the flavors we've tried like cookie dough, smores, hot fudge sundae, and this one seem so dry. You look at the box and it looks smooth and creamy but they are pasty when you actually eat them. We love the fruit flavors such as strawberry, cherry, blueberry. I'll be sticking to those, the rest are just too dry.

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