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  • Sherry300 By  Sherry300    

    Perfect for snack!

    My kids love these. Great snack any time of day or night!

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  • kc2345 By  kc2345    

    This is another item I frequently buy that is really hard to keep in my cupboards! It can be eaten as a breakfast food or an any time of the day kind of cereal. If you're weary of sugar, this might not be the cereal for you but if you're not so weary I would definitely recommend.

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  • KatCramatte By  KatCramatte    

    Sweet Teeth

    This is a cereal for sweet teeth! I did enjoy the flavor, but I can only eat the cereal in small amounts because of the sugar content as well as the slight iritation on the top of my mouth when chewing the pieces. I would try again but as a treat, not a regular cereal choice.

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  • Kattay1 By  Kattay1    

    Great suprise

    I love this cereal, It's like a little suprise in every bite. Its even good to eat without milk as just a snack.

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  • megtheotter By  megtheotter    

    Terrible Flavor

    I didn't like this cereal at all. Normally sugary, chocolate-y flavors are great to me. This didn't taste anything like chocolate. It end up becoming mushy within minutes of me making a bowl of it. I couldn't even finish it. I know a lot of people who truly enjoy it but it just didn't live up to my expectations.

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  • Amberrs32380 By  Amberrs32380    

    My kids love this cereal. I prefer to eat it right out of the box with a glass of milk on the side.

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  • Saratrakas14 By  Saratrakas14    

    When I first stared eating these they tasted great. But the more I ate the more a weird taste developed in my mouth. I would never try again.

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  • tsmith4 By  tsmith4    


    At first I thought this cereal was awesome. Then after finishing a bowl I had this film on the inside of my mouth that didn't want to go a greasy or something. I am amazed at how highly these are rated. I have purchased 2 boxes and only liked the cereal as I am eating it.....not so much the lingering aftertaste mouth coating.

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  • siyue52 By  siyue52    

    Kick the Krave

    I'm always excited to try new cereal. I love cereal. This Krave cereal isn't good. I didn't like it by itself or in milk. It is way too sweet and it gets stuck in my teeth. The chocolate doesn't taste good and I hate the cereal part too. I don't like the way it feels to crunch into it and then it feels like my teeth are just going to rot out of my mouth. I didn't like it at all and will not buy it again.

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  • mtanner78 By  mtanner78    

    With or without milk, these taste amazing! I eat them for a snack and really enjoy them.

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  • crystalsilas By  crystalsilas    

    My son thinks that the box of cereal is for 1 bowl. He literally fills a huge bowl with the Krave cereal.

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  • amandaknight1982 By  amandaknight1982    

    This is a family favorite here in our house. The taste of these are wonderful. Ever since the first box that we bought, there has always been a box in the cupboard. I can't go to the store without buying a box.

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    My children absolutely love this cereal! The great thing is, I don't mind buying it for them! :)

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  • candries By  candries    

    A little too sweet for my family's taste buds........the kids just did not like it. They just seem too sweet and the flavor is lacking.

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  • KellyN By  KellyN    

    My 15 yr old son was on a KRAVE kick for awhile, that is all he wanted to eat. I tried them and felt like they were too sweet for me at breakfast time. Sometimes I had them as a mid-day snack.

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