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  • LosBrowns By  LosBrowns    

    Delicious! Try them warm!

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  • mswatkins By  mswatkins    

    I didn't care for these they left an after taste I even tried them warm and still were not good to me I love cinnabon in the mall but these bars were not my cup of tea

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  • jtasgurl81 By  jtasgurl81    

    These are ok once in a while. But definitely not something to eat all the time. To me, these are a really heavy breakfast snack. The cinnamon part is good, though.

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  • tigpooh1516 By  tigpooh1516    

    These are delicious and easy to find on sale with a coupon! Always a plus!! :)

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    Absolutely delicious!

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  • platinum By  platinum    

    These are good warmed up with a COLD glass of milk, definitely cures the sweet tooth.

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  • jennrapko By  jennrapko    

    They taste really good, but they fall apart so easily. I try giving them to my son and they end up all over the place!

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  • milo9282002 By  milo9282002    

    I tried the original first, then when they were on sale but the shelf was bare of the originals I tried the caramel. The originals are fantastic! Taste like a cinnamon roll cereal bar, and I like cereal bars. I didn't like the caramel as well which surprised me because I like caramel as a rule. You can microwave them for 10 seconds or less ... I liked them a little a bit better warm but they're great right out of the package.

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