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  • rblack09 By  rblack09    

    Great cookies

    I love these. Wish I could find local where I live. I grew up eating this like crazy!!

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  • Chelle1517 By  Chelle1517    


    I used to love these, but it seems like the flavor has changed over the years. They are not as good as they used to be.

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  • emily219 By  emily219    

    Love these

    I love Vienna fingers. I enjoy eating these with a nice hot cup of tea.

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  • Wildflower531 By  Wildflower531    

    Yum. Great vanilla flavor and the outside cookie is delicious. A old family favorite

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  • Rmmarcin By  Rmmarcin    

    Fresh, clean taste.

    Fresh, clean taste - delicious cookie. I love Vienna Fingers, especially at the beach.

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  • speechiemel By  speechiemel    


    These bring me back to my childhood. I used to have these all the time as a kid. I recently bought them again and they are still good, but they are too sweet for me now.

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  • TheKesselRunner By  TheKesselRunner    

    love Vienna Fingers! a great alternative to a chocolate cookie, not too sweet and awesome when just opened!

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  • Diamny11 By  Diamny11    

    These are good with milk or coffee. They aren't as sweet as some sandwich cookies which I like. Both the kids and adults like them.

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  • Marie110 By  Marie110    

    These are always a favorite in my house. Excellent vanilla taste that goes well plain or with milk. They are good anytime. While generic may be cheaper, these are worth the little bit extra.

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  • AnarchyAngel By  AnarchyAngel    

    These are yummy! Great for kids as well. I've never had a complaint yet.

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  • MarciaB By  MarciaB    

    This classic cookie isn't used as much today as in years gone by. Wonderful taste. A unique and more fancy appearance makes this a must for preparing snack foods on a decorative display tray. Great along with other snacks such as fruit trays. Lovely cookie.

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  • Freesocial2011 By  Freesocial2011    

    Great to snack on!

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  • HappyKat101 By  HappyKat101    

    I really am not a fan of these, I tried them once, and have never touched them since. They taste too processed and I don't even want to know what they are made out of

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  • dwjsap By  dwjsap    

    These are one of my favorite cookies being a vanilla lover.

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  • Lorelfs1 By  Lorelfs1    

    These are my husband's favorite. I stock up when they are on sale. They have a simple classic creme cookie taste. They are not too sweet.

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