Katy Perry One of the Boys

Katy Perry One of the Boys

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my kind of music I love Katy perry and I believe that this album was the best way to introduce her to the world, the songs were heartfelt and catchy and everyone could relate to the lyrics.

You'll wanna get up and dance to this one This is her at her best this one never gets old I give it ten thumbs up if there were more stars I'd check them all highly recommend to fans of Pink and Kesha and pop in general

Can't go wrong with this one I'm a big Katy Perry fan I kissed a girl was my favorite song on this whole album older but still worth trying out my mom likes her too lol this would make a fun stocking stuffer

This album is my favorite work she ever released. These songs are particularly good as an introduction to Katy, and they are catchy as all get out. This album, although older, still gets radio time, which says enough about the longevity of the music.

This album is amazing! Katy Perry has defiantly done it this time! With hits like I Kissed a Girl, Hot and Cold, Thinking of you, and Waking up in Vagas, this album is one of the best albums of 2008. It was debatable that Katy was going to make it with this album, but once everyone hear 'I Kissed a Girl', the album was a sellout!

Great music

Great album. Teenage Dream is one of the best pop songs ever made.

i remember when i first heard katy perry. she says things that most people are thinking, but won't say out loud. i love it and i wish we had ten more of her

She is so talented and all if her songs are amazing. Her songs are either super emotional and relatable or really fun and catchy. She has a very unique style and brings real talent to the music industry. She isn't afraid to sing songs that are a bit scandalous. She isn't everyone's cup of tea but it is definitely worth it to listen to this album.

Katy Perry is fantastic n so is this album cup of coffee is my fave off the album

Katy Perry's style of music isn't the style that I'm into, but she makes it sound AMAZING! She is a very talented singer, her songs are catchy, and they have a deeper meaning to it. One of my favorite songs from this album is Hot and Cold. Its awesome to dance to, and is very catchy. If you're looking for generally pretty bouncy type music to jam out to, then I really do recommend this album.

I saw Katy Perry in concert and I just love her! She is an awesome artist with really great songs! See her in concert and make that cd come to life!

love this girl she is a great singer and love her energy

I Kissed a Girl will always be one of my favorite songs. Its just a really fun song that me and my cousin sing all the time.

So fun!! Just peppy bouncing in your car music. Very addictive! :D