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  • Mujika By  Mujika    

    Fall in love with this book. The style she use in her books it's so great! This story is really pretty and a perfect gift for a friend.

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  • LaneTwo37 By  LaneTwo37    

    Please read this book. Kate Morton is an excellent story teller and has authored a tale full of mystery, love and deceit. Morton does a phenomenal job blending the past and present together and will keep you up late trying to keep up with the intrigue!

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  • Stacey012345 By  Stacey012345    

    A completely different genre compared to the typical novel I would read, I was inspried and truly enthralled by Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden". Covering multiple generations and multiple time periods, the book weaves together the story of a little four year old girl alone on a dock in Australia and then the family who raises her, shares with her how she came to them, and then ultimately helps piece together where she came from and how she came to be in that place and time and all alone. Intriguing, interesting, and well written, I have found a new favorite author and shared this book with many others who have enjoyed its storyline and writing style as well.

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