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  • NicoleyGreenOne By  NicoleyGreenOne    

    as a knitter i was drawn to this book by its cover... "dont judge a book by its cover" has never been my motto... it was more than i expected it would be... i loved it.. i even passed it onto a friend who has now read it more than a dozen times

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  • gstephens By  gstephens    

    I absolutely loved this book, it was such a great story of real life issues, bonding, triumph, companionship, and acceptance. I only know how to knit a basic stitch but wish there were knitting clubs such as this in my area. A heartfelt read that will leave you wanting to learn to knit just to look for a knitting club like this! This was one of the most endearing and heart warming books I have read in a while.

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  • allisong By  allisong    

    I don't knit, but I loved it. The sequel is good too and if you like these, then try her other book Comfort Food (or maybe Comfort Foods)

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  • shellytay By  shellytay    

    I loved this book and I just finished Knit Two, also very good.

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