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  • tygirl4ever By  tygirl4ever    

    I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette by Kat von d. These are by far the best eyeshadow palettes I every ever used! The color is so rich when you apply it and has a lot of pigment. I also have a problem with eyeshadow wearing off easily since I have oily skin but these eye shadows last throughout the day they are my favorite!

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  • bekkah1972 By  bekkah1972    

    love the smokey colors works well on any occasions. try it out.

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  • Gretchasorus By  Gretchasorus    

    Beautiful and pigmented! Her line is phanominal!

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  • arahdah By  arahdah    

    They are such lovely, high quality palettes. Very pigmented, long lasting, vibrant, and versitile.

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  • JosieJadore By  JosieJadore    

    This is a very nice palette! This has everything you need to create a dramatic look. The colors are super pigmented and long lasting!

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  • Paperdoll13 By  Paperdoll13    

    My brother bought me these, but I can't put eyeshadow on for crap.

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  • Sydmil1193 By  Sydmil1193    

    I LOVE the Kat Von D palettes! the colors are bold and strong! very pigmented. this palette is great for fall/winter!

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  • anjelikapickles By  anjelikapickles    

    Love it... highly pigmented shadows. good price and last for a long time..

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  • Mayraale By  Mayraale    

    I love this palette! I use it every day. for eye shadow, as eye liner and I also use the brown to fill in my eye brows.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    Love her eyeshadows and perfumes, Ludwig is my favorite palette so far. Would love to get my hands on the gypsy palette! I love her primers in skin and stellar! The purples are awesome in this kit! So is the bright blue!

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  • jenndta69 By  jenndta69    

    I love her eyeshadows. My husband got me the Ludwig palette and they go on so nice! Great stuff and worth the price. I also have her perfume, yummy!

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  • gravewithaview By  gravewithaview    

    I ADORE these make-up pallets by Kat Von D. all the colors are very pigmented and stay on great but at the same time blend very well. The creme eyeshadows are also very good, they can be used as a shadow and an eyeliner. MUST HAVE!

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  • lellybean1119 By  lellybean1119    

    I love Kat Von D's eye palettes. They have such great pigment and they are worth the price! Lucifer (the dark black) is perfect for smoky eyes

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  • Miriam92 By  Miriam92    

    I have all her palettes they are great I would pay the price they are worth trying!

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  • LittleMessedUpppanda By  LittleMessedUpppanda    


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