Kashi  Heart to Heart Waffles Original

Kashi Heart to Heart Waffles Original

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I love these waffles and they are healthier than the others. A plus too is my whole family will eat them, blueberry is our favorite.

Kashi is a reliable company for a better alternative to the more mainstream products. The Heart to Heart waffles have less calories, less fat and less sugar than their competitors and have almost twice the fiber! The taste is great, too, so it is a good way to get more fiber on your kid's plates without a hassle. My 3 and 4 year old sons really enjoy these waffles.

I love these Kashi Heart to Heart Waffles; they taste great and they are good for you. Using an amazing syrup and some fresh fruit on top makes it that much better. They make me feel great that I am giving my family the best quality products and they enjoy them too. Perfect for Sunday morning breakfast as a family.

I love these. They taste great and the best thing is that they are healthy. The can't be beat.

I tried the blueberry waffles, and the taste is fabulous! I love how it fits in with my new lifestyle diet.

These waffles are really yummy. They're healthy and don't taste like cardboard. I didn't even need syrup!

My gramma bought them, and I thought I would go ahead and try them. They are actually pretty good! I like making mine with peanut butter. I know that they are a little pricey though.

These tasted wonderful.

Kashi is one of my favs. I enjoy the blueberry and strawberry waffles. I have tried them all and do usually buy them from Meijer as well when I have coupons. I wish they would sell them at Costco. I usually have to buy about six boxes for our household at a time. I love them as snacks as well as breakfast.

Love these!! What I really appreciate is that the whole family eats them - even my 2.5 year old. Can't beat healthy. They are bit more expensive than Aunt Jemima or store brand but I keep an eye out for coupons. Also, sometimes it's worth it to get the healthier version of something and spend a bit more. Just my opinion!

We ALWAYS have them in our freezer, they are a great breakfast option and very healthy!

pricey but tasty

Great tasting, Healthy, and Kind to my wallet!

unexpectedly delicious. pricey though : /

I was surprised that these heart healthy Kashi waffles tasted good...I guess I expected them to taste like twigs. Luckily I was able to try them because I had a free product coupon because they're a bit pricey for the amount you get in the box.