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  • Dxgamom By  Dxgamom    


    I think for such a healthy cereal these are absolutely delicious!!!!!!!

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  • shacola By  shacola    

    These are really delicious and good for you. I thought when I purchased them, I was getting the for myself but my children loved them as well

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  • Moonew By  Moonew    

    Good taste and great for my family.

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  • mssarahbunker By  mssarahbunker    

    Honey Sunshine is by far my favorite Kashi cereal. It's like a healthy version of Captain Crunch! I usually have this cereal for breakfast with almond milk, but sometimes have this as an after dinner snack.

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  • knatasha By  knatasha    

    Taste good and not too sweet even my son enjoyed it

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  • Randiyoung By  Randiyoung    

    I love this cereal. It has just enough honey and a nice healthy breakfast to start the day right.

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  • Scalar22 By  Scalar22    

    I don't buy Kashi as often but only because I wait for a sale, but this is my favorite cereal, it is so kind to my digestion that I can really feel great from the inside out.

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  • Horngeek12 By  Horngeek12    

    Kashi really needs to work on their variety of flavors and not make everything taste like tree bark. I understand that it is healthy, but it needs to appeal to a wider variety of people.

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  • Shellbug03 By  Shellbug03    

    Have loved this for long time (years) its not Capt n crunch, thank goodness cz, that wrecks the roof of my mouth.. This Kashi cereal is lightly sweet is great for snacking or breakfast. My youngest son had not complained after trying this when I replaced this with no more captain. Obviously its not going to be an exact match but Kashi has health in mind. Sooooooo!

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  • lovestobake By  lovestobake    

    Loved this cereal,

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  • Supermary By  Supermary    

    I love Kashi cereals!!! They taste awesome, and not too sweet!! The part I like the most about them is that they are organic!!!They are healthy and fill you up. I would definitely recommend this to my friends :)

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  • laurita By  laurita    

    I like kashi cereal it has good selection of cereal, i like the taste and that is good for you.

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  • Julie1217 By  Julie1217    

    not very often that I love, love, love a product. The kind of love that I want to sing my praises from the highest rooftop. A product that has ingredients, packaging, ease of prep, and most important, a taste that I love. And kashi cereal honey sunshine has it all. This organic cereal is also (certified) gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and has no additives, preservatives or refined sugar. It is also Non-GMO certified, and is vegan certified too. A congratulatory shout-out from the highest rooftop to Kashi on being not only mine but my whole family's favorite!

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  • jenniferhenry By  jenniferhenry    

    i found kashi is high fiber .. this is a need for me and my family for a healthier lifestyle kashi is so yummy

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  • CallMeCrissy By  CallMeCrissy    

    Kashi's Honey Sunshine is delicious and nutritious! It reminds me of Captain Crunch without the fat and sugar. I love this cereal and my kids do too!

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