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Thank you for agreeing to share your personal college planning experience with your readers and us.

Whether you are going through the process or have been through the process, your readers will find the tips, advice, and stories that you share extremely valuable. Our client is Kaplan Test Prep. With them, we are engaging you to blog about your personal experiences in and around getting your child into college. There is no requirement to write about Kaplan's products or services.

How To Participate In The Program 
Write a blog post about your college planning journey with your child.

As you think about the story you want to share with your readers here are some questions to consider.


•   Did you grow closer to your child during the college planning process? Give us an example of how.
•   Did your child exceed your expectations in any way? How? Was it the school he or she got into? His or her test scores? Or the maturity they displayed in the process? Or any other way?
•   If your child has already been accepted to college, tell us that story. What was it like? Was it an easy process? Did you face some struggles along the way? Were there any “a-ha!” moments? Looking back what were the moments that really illustrated all the emotions you and your child were going through? How did you/he/she feel when that acceptance letter arrived?
•   Think about what your child wanted to be when he/she was only 2 years old. What does he/she want to be now and how has it changed? How are you working with him or her to pick the right school to become want he or she wants to be?
•   If you were telling your best friend the lessons learned about getting your child into college, what would you say?
•   Every child is unique. How did you ensure that your child’s personality and "specialness" came through in his/her college application process?
•   Self-esteem is so important to a rising college student - especially in this competitive environment. What did you do to make sure your child always felt good throughout the process?
•   What role did you play in the process? What role did your child play? Who else played a major role in your child's road to college? What role did they play?
•   How are you managing key factors in college admissions process? Grades? Test Prep? Course load? What's challenging?
•  How did you manage the application process and all of the deadlines? Were there any tools that were helpful?
•  How did you work with your school counselor as you planned for college?

We are looking forward to reading your personal story.

Kaplan has provided the below resources for you as you think about your post. We encourage you to review these to help you think about your post, but your blog post should not center around Kaplan resources or products.

Additional Sources:
KapMap: (please hyperlink in your blog post)
Program Hashtag: #JourneytoCollege

2013's College Admissions Officers survey: Every year Kaplan surveys college admissions officers to ensure that students are receiving accurate and up-to-date information on trends in the college admissions process. Here are the highlights from

Please include this disclosure statement: “Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Kaplan Test Prep. I received compensation to write this post, and any opinions expressed are my own, and reflect my actual experience.”

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