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  • mcgarvey32 By  mcgarvey32    

    Durable, challenging and FUN!

    Bought my nephew this a few years ago and its still in excellent shape! It is fun for even number of individuals from 2-10... It is challenging yet achievable, Highly recommend!

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  • mgs1997 By  mgs1997    

    If I can play Kan Jam, anyone can!

    I don't have an athletic bone in my body, but this game is so much fun. It's super easy to set up the two plastic goals (but make sure you're playing outside). You throw the frisbee and try to get it in the goal with the help of your partner who can sort of bounce or deflect it into the Kan/goal. It's the a great 2 on 2 outdoor game that doesn't take up as much space as cornhole boards!

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