Kaboom Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

Kaboom Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

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works great...... I like the way Kaboom worked in my shower. My daughter does not like to wash down her shower and I take Kaboom to it all the time to get the grim off and it work really good. I do not like the smell of it but it works so I will put up with the smell. I use it all over the house as well.

Good product but my favorite KaBoom product is the toilet bowl cleaner. It gets out the most ridiculous stains with so much less scrubbing. Truly the best cleaner for the toilet out there. KaBoom makes good stuff!

kaboom i like this product because you spray and leave it to do pretty much all the work, wipe away clean

I did not care for the smell and felt that for the money it didn't do that good of a job.

This never works like it does on the TV. I have used to to get rid of hard water stains and it does not work that well and there are other products that are much better.

Smells bad and hard on the lungs when used on a large area.The foam is even worse.Cleaned ok on regular areas but hard water or heavy grime no way.

This worked good. Cleaned well and did not have an offensive smell!

I worry about the strong smell not being same. It almost takes your breath away. I cover my nose with my shirt. BUT it works great to clean the bathroom, tubs, sinks. Gets it really clean.

Use this for my shower, I love it.

not worth the money and doesnt do a good job

I like kaboom and the way it works, but I do not like the smell. It is great for getting the rust, lime, and soap scum from the shower.

I have never tried this but my sister loves it an d the smell

I was so disappointed with this. I have well water and fell for the commercial's claims that this would remove the hard water spots. Not only did it not remove them, but the odor from the spray irritated my eyes and nose. I had to open all the windows and get fans going. I will not be purchasing this again.

Kaboom says on the front label that there are no obnoxious fumes. Boy are they wrong! I started choking and had to leave the room after spraying it. On top of that it didn't do a very good job. Instead of Kaboom it should be kaBOMB.

I bought the spray Kaboom and the foam version hoping to cut the hard water stains in my bathroom. After several attempts and no luck I'm disappointed. It is a nice smelling cleaner and does a great job on everything else. I can spray down the entire shower, let it sit for a while and just wipe it clean. Does a pretty good job!