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  • Cassie85 By  Cassie85    

    Absolutely perfect!!

    This is one of those perfumes that gives YOU your own unique smell. I absolutely love it!!! Would highly recommend!!

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    So this was another sample in my birchbox, and got to try it on the New Year festivities, best time to test how long anything will last. I must disclaim that even when I like many fragrances, the great majority I hate them on me, I can get very finicky. So getting a one-note fragrance, specially one that is "musky", got me nervous & not super happy; but I decided to wear it for New Year's Eve and I was pleasantly surprised. It is more of fresh smell, like many, it does remind me of D&G Light Blue (good thing), so I could see using it. It also had a good staying power on my skin, woke up today and I can still smell it on me. But would I purchase it, probably not. I find the $100 usd price tag a little to steep for what it actually is. But I recommend others to try it, fragrance is very personal thing.

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