Juliette Has a Gun Not A Perfum

Juliette Has a Gun Not A Perfum

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Very unique! I love this fragrance. It?s so unique and versatile. I remember bringing the bottle to work and asking my coworkers what they got from this, and the range was wild. It truly does smell different to everybody. I?m a huge fan!

Smells amazing!!! I'm not one to usually purchase fragrances that are priced this high, but this stuff is amazing!!! It's meant to be paired with another perfume, but I've often wore it alone and have received SO MANY compliments!

Not my favorite The initial scent is repulsive to me but after a few hours it smells better, but definitely not worth it to me

Love it!! Love love love this perfume! It?s a beautiful, light and airy, floral perfume that seems to change its scent to better complement the wearer. Definitely one of my go-to perfumes!

Arrives in a small foam gun case! This fragrance is amazing! One sniff and I was hooked! It is long lasting, smells fresh, different than anything in your fragrance wardrobe. Good all year round! Worth the price!

Unexpectedly good! I didn't know what to expect about this fregrance... so I was surprized that I really liked it. It lasted quite a while on my skin and nice warm creamy scent.

Lovely I love this as it's beautiful and weird like me. It's not like any other scent and is very light but still hypnotic.

Best Fragrance to Wear All Year Round! This is my absolute favorite perfume all year long! It does smell diffrent on everyone I do think. But no matter what it has that clean, musky, beautiful smell on everyone. Every single time I wear this, which is just about every day I ALWAYS get compliments and questions as to what perfume I have on!! It's truly insane! Now it definitely costs a pretty penny, but it's worth every last cent!

Absolutely perfect!! This is one of those perfumes that gives YOU your own unique smell. I absolutely love it!!! Would highly recommend!!

So this was another sample in my birchbox, and got to try it on the New Year festivities, best time to test how long anything will last. I must disclaim that even when I like many fragrances, the great majority I hate them on me, I can get very finicky. So getting a one-note fragrance, specially one that is "musky", got me nervous & not super happy; but I decided to wear it for New Year's Eve and I was pleasantly surprised. It is more of fresh smell, like many, it does remind me of D&G Light Blue (good thing), so I could see using it. It also had a good staying power on my skin, woke up today and I can still smell it on me. But would I purchase it, probably not. I find the $100 usd price tag a little to steep for what it actually is. But I recommend others to try it, fragrance is very personal thing.