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  • khaliQueen By  khaliQueen    

    besides Spanx this is the best choice firms you right up does not stiff up or too tight on you , easy to wear

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  • cristy59 By  cristy59    

    Great for after having a baby to shape up your body . You can use it under clothes.

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  • Tammyvivi By  Tammyvivi    

    Thank goodness there are now options for shapewear besides Spanx! Julie France Body Shapers are not in department stores, just specialty boutiques and they are worth every penny! Not only does this slim me but I am smooth and still have a shape, all comfortably! There are loops that can go around your bra so that it doesn't roll or shimmy down plus special panels that help it do what it is suppose to do but allows the garment to breath and move easily. I can wear my Julie France High Waist shaper all day not just on special occasions!

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