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  • happystar By  happystar    

    Healthy and tasty snakes my family love it so much

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  • freestuffjanedoe By  freestuffjanedoe    

    These are delicous! I love the flavor. You just take it out of the package, and shazam! you have a tasty snack

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  • lauralee By  lauralee    

    I spent a few weeks in Seattle 20 years ago where I stumbled upon a Belgian-style waffle place where you take the sugared waffle with you and eat it as a snack. I've searched for that place near Pioneer Square during all my other trips there to no avail. Meanwhile, back in NYC, I saw Julian's Recipe waffles offered through FreshDirect and I have been so happy as have my kids. We have tried and loved all varieties: vanilla, chocolate, maple and cinnamon. They come individually wrapped and make an easy, hearty special treat snack served thawed on their own. They are a delicious special breakfast and heat well in 20 seconds or so in the microwave. I love that you don't need syrup--cuts down on the sticky syrup mess with my preschoolers!

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